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monday's playlist: 9/16/02

earl van dyke he was really saying something
frank wilson my sugar baby
stevie wonder are you sure love is the name of this game
brenda holloway who you gonna run to
gladys knight & the pips if you ever get your hands on love
martha & the vandellas (it's easy to fall in love) with a guy like you
the contours baby hit & run
jr. walker & the all stars riding high on love
wire in the art of shipping
modest mouse convenient parking
the microphones feedback
sleater-kinney sympathy
duratti column white rabbit
fleshtones high on drugs
echo & the bunnymen killing moon
flamin' groovies sealed with a kiss
lester young a foggy day
ornette coleman invisible
eric dolphy on green dolphin street
charles mingus serenade in blue
the fall eat yerself fitter
great lakes now is when
division of laura lee need to get some/we've been planning this for years
jad fair & kramer cheerleaders wild weekend
bentmen swanee
ivy l'anamour
low in the drugs
les sans cullotes non merci oncle sam
ani defranco ain't that the way
milemarker the banner to the sick
pulp roadkill
cedell davis pay to play
blackstone family sinners lethal injection
solomon burke sit this one out
gordon gano hitting the ground
john doe this far
sahara hotnights on top of your world
mudhoney take it like a man
the forgotten retrofitted

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