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monday's playlist: 08/31/09
the clean moon jumper
desolation wilderness you hold power over me
pretty faces halfway there
vandaveer long lost cause
choir of young believers she walks
entrance band hour glass
polvo d.c. trails
reactionist front long lost land
wild beasts the fun powder plot
apples in stereo the bird that you can't see
my son the bum the trigger
japandroids rockers east vancouver
blitzen trapper big black bird
danko jones forest for the trees
gaslamp killer birthday music
antlers shiva
courtney yasmineh beautiful lonely
marianne faithfull solitude
lullabye arkestra floating graveyard
the very best angonde
roy hargrove tschpiso
madness bingo
plastiscine i could rob you
cave singers shrine
david bazan in stitches
health severin
stereo alligator greedy world
box elders stay
dead weather new pony
pissed jeans goodbye (hair)
drakkar sauna not ideas about the king but the king himself
fredy studer sumi
luscious jackson here
new pony club get dancey
brakesbrakesbrakse red rag
shins caring is creepy

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big pile of bones

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