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monday's playlist: 08/24/09
circulatory system around again
oh my god i don't think it's so funny (how time slips away)
darlings yeah i know
dodos time to die
starting teeth burn the roof tropical
bronzed chorus tiny oxen
melloncollies why oh why
gobble gobble alabaster bodyworlds
rainbow arabia omar k (ghosts on tape remix)
jemina pearl ecstatic appeal
red channel forever
shagbots kaolin meets kiln
choo choo la rouge under the icy moon
speech debelle buddy love
slow claw colorado
pine hill haints revenge of the spider-web boy
fruit bats my unusual friend
sons & daughters royally used
heroes of popular wars a bus called further
lokai volver
sean bones instigator
e-603 dirtbag
black mold wet ferns
casy & brian saxt1
no age ripped knees
mumlers raise the blinds
julian plenti no chance survival
discovery i want you back
postmarks my lucky charm
mount eerie mouth of sky
joy jones right now
penelope[s] stuck in la la land
vagina panther eye inez
bottles & skulls painkiller
mecca normal every wrong word
babaloo babaloo ayé

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big pile of bones

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