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monday's playlist: 08/17/09
blitzen trapper black river killer
inner banks darling
correatown pinwheels
my favorite girl step inside
soft black ashtray chris
the dry spells sruti
cymbals eat guitars share
health inviolet
plastiscines time to leave
the do on my shoulders
drug rug don't be frightened by the devil
marmoset i love my things
pissed jeans dream smotherer
japandroids the boys are leaving town
tortoise gigantes
madness mk ii
fiery furnaces lost at sea
fictionist song for b
kid creole & the coconuts something wrong in paradise
box elders death of me
we were promised jet packs keeping warm
bad brains leaving babylon
fleshtones push up man
modest mouse fire it up
blonde redhead id don't want u
brainiac flash ram
jesus & mary chain sundown
gits it all dies anyway
baby shambles crumb begging baghead
giant sand nyc of time
times new viking relevant now
klaxons gravity's van
old time relijin the rising water, the blinding light

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big pile of bones

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