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monday's playlist: 08/10/09
envy corps the dissenter
box elders isabella
madness dust devil
dead weather treat me like your mother
assjack cocaine the white devil
drug rug never been afraid
the pretty faces sinking ship
vagina panther beast
pine hill haints scar
black mold snow blindness is crystal antz
fredy studer axis
sarah jarosz long journey
casey & brian house on haunted hill
antlers sylvia
pterodactyl no sugar
yppah they know what ghost know
the penelope[s] long black fly
eyedea & abilities hay fever
don diego unnatural change
gaslamp killer anything worse
plastiscines runnaway
mount eerie lost wisdom pt. 2
the postmarks thorn in your side
fruit bats the blessed breeze
royal chords magic hands
ganglians valient brave
choo choo la rouge regular guy
dinosaur jr. pieces
the jaguar club corks pop
holiday shores errand of the tongue
chico freeman the search
red garland soft winds
mumlers don't throw me away
receiver skin and bone
gobble gobble alabaster body worlds
cramps customized

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big pile of bones

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