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monday's playlist: 08/03/09
betty blowtorch love/hate
hüsker dü what's going on
shockabilly people are strange
lyres you've bene wrong
plastiscines i am down
the son of p.m. james bond theme
geraldo pine heavy heavy heavy
tlahaun gessesse alegntaye
thony shorby ayenwi no wrong show
half japanese vast continent
david bowie look back in anger (rerecorded)
sinkane #4
robert pollard hero blows the revolution
yacht psychic city (voodoo city)
los lobos hearts of stone
tortoise monument six one thousand
pixies down to the well
japandroids i quit girls
joseph jarman adam's rib
sun ra stardust from tomorrow
charlie parker st. louis mood
billie holiday lover man
pissed jeans spirit
flipper the way of the world
tom waits fish in the jailhouse
sid king & the 5 strings purr kitty purr
alan vega jukebox babe
elvis presley flaming star
mysterious clown mysterious clown
suda chuenbarn funky broadway
collins kids hoy hoy
billy brown did we have a party
james brown night train
king floyd groove me
velvelettes he was really saying something
sugarpie santos in the basement
don covay see saw
makeme ru486
the entrance band you're so fine
future of the left throwing bricks at trains
steve earle cckmp

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big pile of bones

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