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monday's playlist: 8/27/07
kinski passwords & alcohol
coathangers where the hell were you?
new pornographers undivided
clare & the reasons pluto
nightingale jubilaires rough & rocky road
shape of broad minds opr8r
fela kuti my lady frustration
lyle lovett this traveling around
oakley hall first frost
johnny cash southern accents
pissed jeans people person
girl in a coma mr. chivalry
pietasters dream of you
the deadly syndrome wolves in the garden
illinois jacquet the comeback
dexter gordon in a sentimental mood
louis armstrong & his sensational big band hot chestnuts
nina nastasia & jim white how will you love me
tegan and sara are you ten years ago
elvis presley the love machine
billy mure hawaiian war chant
neutral milk hotel king of carrot flowers pt. 1
dave alvin thirty dollar room
the handsome family she awoke with a jerk
little richard directly from my heart
cat power he turns down
the stabilisers belinda
ladybirds regional community theater
nico janitor of lunacy
the receiving end of sirens swallow people whole
the hives find another girl
jerry lee lewis good time charlie's got the blues
miles davis it's about that time
prinzhorn dance school lawyers water jug
kamikaze ground crew s'albutera
dj kentaro tasosare highway high

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big pile of bones

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