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monday's playlist: 8/20/07
imperial teen room with a view
architecture in helsinki hold music
foreign born don't take back your time
stereo-total lolita fantome
paul westerberg making me go
michael franti & spearhead skin on the drum
patato kora-son
shape of broad minds let's go
captain beefheart alice in blunderland
jumbling towers vice rake
the box tops people gonna talk
halo benders mercury diver
don cherry neopolitan suite: dios & diablo
pogues fairytale of new york
duke ellington mississippi
abraham burton e=mc
paul weller shout to the top
the brunettes stereo (mono mono)
black before red bossa nova #7
baby guts flies
bedouin soundclash higher ground
new idea society drawbridge kid
massshivers womanizing metal studs
frankie diamond she was insane
echo & the bunnymen ripeness
steve earle the unrepentant
lovely china day beijing
new young pony club the get go
caribou after hours
golden arm trio the duchess of parma
green velvet percolator 2000
sol k. bright's hollywaiians la rosita
dirty three flutter

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big pile of bones

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