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monday's playlist: 8/13/07
nina nastasia & jim white late night
somnambulists water colors
jefferson airplane wooden ships
oliver lake clicker
charlie parker ooh bop sh'bam
baba motta & his jamaicans she pon top
bull moose jackson time alone will tell
new young pony club the bomb
afrika bambaattaa, with gary numan metal
new order jetstream
northern state fall apart
white stripes little cream soda
beau brummels laugh laugh
the stabilisers do the brane
hubert porter with george moxey & his calypso quintet monkey talk
marvellettes truth is outside my door
milton & the devils party coward of conscience
prince future baby mama
culture legalisation
interpol mammoth
mirah & spectratone international love song of the fly
against me! borne on the fm waves of the heart
empire dogs my sweet baby
no age dead plane
the jaguar club in antarctica
tegan and sara the con
mary wells you beat me to the punch
honeyboy edwards west helena blues
tino di geraldo bulerias de norte
sonny stitt the midgets
tony de la rosa y su conjunto atotonilco
the gaslight anthem 1930
bob dylan cold irons bound
the deadly syndrome i hope i become a ghost
skatalites little irene

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big pile of bones

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