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monday's playlist: 08/30/04

ian dury & the blockheads there ain't some half clever bastards
interpol length of love
blues explosion burn it off
theatre of hate poppies
flogging molly drunken lullabies
jack o'fire my baby walked off & died
the clash the magnificent dance
calexico wave
the last poets white man's got a god complex
bob dylan i and i
gibby haynes stop foolin'
the flaming lips waitin' for a superman
madness night boat to cairo
love little red book
the rogers sisters you won't believe it
wire map ref. 41ºn 93ºs
guided by voices sing for your meat
the cramps domino
the sunshine fix rx
ramones i wanna be your boyfriend
heaven 17 (we don't need this) fascist groove thang
velvet underground prominent men
the roots duck down
joy division sister ray
shocking blue love buzz
gil scot-heron plastic patter people
john coltrane miles mode
gil scot-heron whitey on the moon
essential logic moontown
northern state summer never ends
big black the model
melvins & lustmord the bloated pope
prince la, la, la, la, he, he, hee
joan of arc the telephones have begun making calls
the beat jackpot
beastie boys right right, now now
grupo sportivo disco really made it
lyres i really want you now
slim cessna's auto club providence new jerusalem
when people were shorter and lived near water this guys in love with you
rilo kiley a man/me/then jim
youssou n'dour mahdiyu laye

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big pile of bones

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