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monday's playlist: 08/23/04

thelonius monk locomotive
gibby haynes & his problem i need some help
beat happening revolution come and gone
cambodian rock #1
nirvana drain you
radio 4 party crashers
talking heads take me to the river
caterwaul what i hear you can't, how come?
tracy & the plastics big stereo
happy flowers left behind
others i can't stand this love
diamanda galas frenzy
november group i live alone
libertines can't stand me now
interpol slow hands
sonic youth sweet shine
the sunshine fix papers fall
swimming pool q's the bells ring
sound apparatus travel agent man
b52's dance this mess around
cambodian rocks #2
the handsome family moving furniture around
gary numan are friends electric
sizzla subterranean homesick blues
art of noise paranoimia
the cure alt.end
ryuichi sakamoto war & peace
television the dream's dream
rilo kiley love and war (11/11/46)
the bags atomic coconut
bold gotta get some
swans new mind
the rogers sisters the secrets of civilization
spanish for 100 put it to you
the hives a little more for little you
cambodian rocks #3
captain beefheart semi-multi-coloured caucasian
joan of arc i trust a litter of kittens still keeps the colosseum
gibby haynes stop foolin'

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big pile of bones

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