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monday's playlist: 08/16/04

interpol obstacle 1
flaming lips flight test
radio 4 party crashers
joy division atrocity exhibition
tanya donelly every devil
lime frost post bellum blues
neutral milk hotel naomi
sonny rollins paul's pal
rahsaan roland kirk blacknuss
mahotella queens & mbazo umthakathi (witch doctor)
gorillaz m1a1
nick cave & the bad seeds nobody's baby now
psychedelic furs into you like a train
comets on fire the bee and the cracking egg
donny medle lionel ritchie/andreas vollenweider/peter frampton interview
the muffs don't pick on me
the red krayola your body is hot
slim cessna's auto club sour patch kids
the flesh eaters tombstone dialect
whirlwind heat muffler
fela kuti go slow
the streets empty cans
toots hibbert maggie's farm
pj harvey ballad of the soldier's wife
sahara hotnights mind over matter
the hives two-timing touch and broken bones
dash rip rock alone (with my bottle)
the (international) noise conspiracy dead language of love
devo pink jazz trancers
martin denny singing bamboos
johnny cash & joe strummer redemption song
whirlwind heat lazy morning
interpol length of love
radio 4 rise up
chapparal trio roxanne

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big pile of bones

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