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monday's playlist: 08/09/04

the residents hitler was a vegetarian
the jesus lizard horse
tracy & the plastics happens
roxy music mother of pearl
comets on fire the antlers & the midnight sun
greg sage world without fear
m83 unrecorded
tanya donelly fallout
revolting cocks let's get physical
john cale she doesn't live here anymore
the kinks tired of waiting for you
the neats tonight
the roots somebody's gotta do it
thompson twins perfect game
the frenchmen like the weather
the hives antidote
the rolling stones out of time
the red krayola micro-chips & fish
the muffs really really happy
ciccone youth into the groovey
elastica my sex
the seeds can't seem to make you mine
the fall contraflow
motorhead dogs
leftover crack rock the 40oz.
slim cessna's auto club this is how we do things in the country
ryuichi sakamoto laménto
wink martindale boll weevil
gang of 4 we live as we dream alone
gatemouth moore i ain't mad at you
the lashes death by mixtape
black eyes someone has his fingers broken
bottles & skulls underground girl
dave douglas the inflated tear
cab calloway hotcha (razz-ma-tazz)
sonny stitt bule devil blues
nelson ned el camarino

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big pile of bones

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