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monday's playlist: 8/26/02

the markeys too pooped to pop-eye
r.l. burnside my eyes keep me in trouble
minor threat straight edge
fairweather alaska
rotten apples heart candy
mudhoney in the winners circle
hüsker dü divide & conquer
tsunami bomb headlights on a hand grenade
mummy dogs ask me no questions
pere ubu hell
ruth brown daddy daddy
gorillaz a fistfull of peanuts
king tubby do the dub skank/a rastaman dub
big audio dynamite e=mc2
nashville pussy keep them things away from me
rocket from the crypt guilt free
hot snakes paid in cigarettes
mc5 american ruse
the hives hate to say i told you so
jody williams lucky lou
gene ammons/sonny stitt exactly like you
art pepper imagination
the replacements sixteen blue
melt banana ketchup mess
sleater-kinney oh!
marianne faithfull i'm on fire
mali music the diembe
os tubaroes missao d'servico
slum village raise it up
layo & bushwaka 2mrw
les sans culottes sa sabine
mecca normal is this you?
pulp the trees
billy stewart summertime
bobby timmons so tired
fela kuti wadele wa rohin

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