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monday's playlist: 8/19/02

run dmc king of rock
parliament p. funk (want to get funked up)
john lee hooker prison bound
beastie boys no sleep till brooklyn
slum village get live
sahara hotnights alright alright
hot snakes who died
the wipers wait a minute
pulp weeds, weeds II (the origin of the species)
john coltrane afro blue
layo & bushwacka sleepy language
guided by voices storm vibrations
cat power metal heart
gordon gano oh wonder
bis protection
larry adler smoking reefers
gorillaz monkey racket
tsunami bomb 20 going on...
frank black & the catholics black letter day
big maybelle whole lot of shakin' goin' on
mecca normal family swan
gogogoairheart here comes attack
shirley temple of doom notification of termination
motorhead orgasmatron
bob mould black sheets of rain
automaton heyheyheyhey
charles mingus II bs
mali music spoons
dalek voices of the ether
le tigre mediocrity rules
meat puppets tumbling tumbleweeds
butthole surfers space 1
ass babboons of venus whizomatic vs. twizzlehead
nerf herder jenna bush army

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