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monday's playlist: 8/12/02

trio mocoto tudo bem
nerf herder new jersey girl
blessed thistle i'm losing you
mecca normal what about the boy?
time zone world destruction
marianne faithfull sex with strangers
cato sala experience listen to me daddy'o
duraluxe please be cool
elastica stutter
the special aka war crimes
lucid nation pharmaceutical soup
the clash julie's in the drug squad
the n.y. rel-x open your eyes
midnight creeps brainwash
floor night full of kicks
wayne kramer the slime that ate cleveland
hey mercedes save a life
fela kuti my lady frustration
solomon burke diamonds in your mind
king curtis dynamite atd midnite
morris lane & his orchestra return of b.o. plenty
gordon gano catch 'em in the act
the kills wait
the (international) noise conspiracy up for sale
the hives main offender
the decemberists here i dreamt i was an architect
morcheeba the great london traffic warden massacre
looper sugar cane
clinic the equaliser
soul junk how we flow
plan b plans for tomorrow
duke ellington money jungle
roy eldridge bee's bloos
beausoleil le jug francais
roscoe holcomb the wandering boy
calvin johnson love will come back again

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