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monday's playlist: 8/05/02

gordon gano hitting the ground
nerf herder mr. spock
hot snakes suicide invoice
pussy galore rancid
tsunami bomb russian roulette
clinic the gothic archies
sun ra starships and solar boats
john cale guts
death by chocolate artplay
flaming lips approaching pavonis mons by balloon (utopia planitia)
laurie anderson dark angel
gorillaz jungle fresh
sonic youth karen revisited
the decemberists leslie ann levine
p-funk all stars generator pop
paul weller there's no drinking after you're dead
aphrodite calcutta
twinemen spinner
public image limited memories
alex lloyd everybody's laughing
ugly casanovas ice on the sheets
dead kennedys chicken farm
baylies band cut the baby in half
butthole surfers dadgad
sparta out your ribbon
ramones beat on the brat
black flag slip it in
pylon gyrate
the flipsides clever one
depeche mode stripped
morcheeba aqualung
built to spill trimmed and burning
slum village tainted

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