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monday's playlist: 07/27/09
the postmarks the girl from algenib
brakkar sauna don't hex a polygon/the long sovereignty
the love x nowhere twilight mourning
fruit bats the ruminant band
broken records nearly home
deradoorian moon
pictureplane dark rift
vagina panther please just say so
lush life until the sun dies
rusted shut spaceships
joy jones supernova
plastiscines barcelona
gobble gobble born stray
pine hill haints doublehead
cool devices come get me
dead weather 60 feet tall
six finger satellite artificial light
awol one & factor brains out
the black drumset the good in the bad of the good
björk vertebrae by vertebrae
pigface the good, the bad, the druggly
regina spektor human of the year
joan of arc explain yourselves #2
phenomenal hand clap band you'll disappear
deer tick houston, tx
dinosaur jr. i don't wanna go there
nick cave & the bad seeds night of the lotus eaters
david byrne the other side of this life
the glands mayflower
leonard cohen dance me to the end of love
flaming sideburns save rock 'n roll
pavement half a crayon
brian eno/david byrne jezebel spirit

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big pile of bones

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