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monday's playlist: 07/20/09
dead weather will there be enough water
motel motel mountain
netherfriends mom cop
japandroids young hearts spark fire
huun huur tu & carmen rizzo dogee mountain (interlude)
soul assassins meet your maker reef the lost cause & outer space
cage i found my mind in ct
future of the left the hope that house built
death from above 1979 sexy results
we were promised jet packs moving clocks run slow
summercats maybe pile
sonic youth walkin' blues
deerhoof spiral golden town
sunset rubdown i'm sorry i sang on your hands that have been in the grave
discovery osaka loop line
le tigre let's run
miles davis sid's ahead
dead confederates the news underneath
the sounds of animals fighting another leather lung
dark knights of camelot wanna be
carbon/silicon tell it like it is
peter gabriel i grieve
starlight mints natural
guided by voices i am a tree
handsome family the giant of illinois
belltones set 'em up stevie
the kills black balloon
q and not u tag-tag
dinosaur jr. ocean in the way

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big pile of bones

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