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monday's playlist: 07/13/09
vagina panther clean it up
ween mourning glory
stereo alligator ruin
birds of avalon mirco-infinity
southern culture on the skids banana puddin'
pigface electrick knives club
the butcher and the builders golden & green
peggy sue revision
white stripes one more cup of coffee
pine hill haints bordello blackwidow
renaldo & the loaf a critical dance
tiny vipers eyes like ours
prince the cross
regina spektor machine
bjöork hunter
japan gentlemen take polaroids
fela kuti jjd (johnny just drop)
dirty projectors fluorescent half dome
sarah jarosz can't hide
meat puppets the monkey and the snake
joshua redman echoes
david murray in memory of jomo kenyatta
sonny simmons coltrane story
grinderman grinderman
this moment in black history tony you owe me
dinosaur jr. said the people
ugly casanovas ice on the sheets
slut a trip to marrakech
the verbs hey hey uh-huh
tortoise the fall of seven diamond plus one

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big pile of bones

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