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monday's playlist: 07/06/09
people on planes if you talk too much (my head will explode)
pine hill haints never cry
summer cats wild rice
ganglians to june
frank zappa cosmik debris
beat happening the this many boyfriends club
battlehooch fishmilk
bjork pagan poetry
gene ammons & sonny stitt ugetsu
sonny rollins it's all right with me
joe strummer & the mescaleros midnight jam
we were promised jet packs conductor
deradoorian high road
st. vincent the strangers
sage francis sea legs
starlight mints paralyzed
rolling stones let it bleed
dixie dirt teenage killer
regina spektor gunius next door
pere ubu dark
mission of burma donna sumeria
gorillaz dare (soulwax remix)
tortoise minors
hess is more yes boss
sonic youth anti-orgasm
squirrelhouse burn with me
fiery furnaces take me round again
captain beefheart glider
firewater the beat goes on
bottles & skulls underground girl
les savy fav slugs in the shrubs
vaselines jesus wants me for a sunbeam

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big pile of bones

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