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monday's playlist: 7/10/06
senor coconut simoon
bang on a can basquiat
thom yorke black swan
kim chee it's not me
dr. octagon a gorilla driving a pick-up truck
johnny cash like the 309
centipede c'est org of corg
husbands running scared
neil young living with war
todd council member
elephone the hemlock three
radio 4 enemies like this
new york dolls dance like a monkey
kimya dawson france
gnarls barkley the boogie monster
elvis costello/allan toussaint six fingered man
sunni paz tierra querida (beloved homeland)
gito gito hustler rapo rapo
frank black in the time of my rain
handsome family hunter green
wire reuters
sonic youth incinerate
bloody hollies gasoline
automaton john malkovich movie
modest mouse truckers atlas
talking heads this must be the place (naive melody)
mr. lif mashit up
johnny "guitar" watson gangster of love
public image limited poptones
snooks eaglin st. james infirmary
killing joke america
cracker where have those days gone
butthole surfers human cannonball
curlew cowboy mouth
leonard cohen the letters

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big pile of bones

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