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monday's playlist: 07/26/04

the gonads jobs not jail
comets on fire pussy foot the duke
captain beefheart china pig
diamanda galas my world is empty without you
cheval de frise incliné et chenu
lucinda williams pyramid of tears
the hives love in plaster
u-men green trumpet
the flesheaters miss muerte
camper van beethoven vladivostock
elvis costello (i don't want to go to) chelsea
the fall sparta 2xx
modest mouse bury me with it
talk engine something for junior
ornette coleman & prime time la capella
charles fambrough oasis
john coltrane dear lord
public image limited annalisa
ministry wkyj
nick cave & the bad seeds tupelo
tanya donelly golden mean
nobodys children good times
helio sequence s.o.s.
morrissey you know i couldn't last
houari benchenet foug-e-ramla
bongo joe transistor radio
charlie parker & tiny grimes romance without finance
monty reynolds & the shaw park calypso band me dog can't bark
cream i'm so glad
john cooper clarke evidently chickentown
sub-culture stick together
tijuana hercules do the do
the cure us or them
the sunshine fix rx
black eyes fathers of daughters
lovedrug pretend you're alive

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big pile of bones

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