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monday's playlist: 7/29/02

hot snakes paid in cigarettes
the hives main offender
ministry jesus built my hot rod
nashville pussy the bitch just kicked me out
guided by voices christian animation torch carriers
gorillaz banana baby
john coltrane dear old stockholm
morcheba undress me now
mecca normal crimson dragnet
tender trap you are gone (so you should go)
twinemen watch you fall
lokua xanza je n'ai pas choisi
mighty sparrow russian satellite
femi kuti '97
hitondray tsikit-siki rossy & rakoto frah
tindersticks my autumn done come
bis brain clouds
jarvis cocker/richard hewley the cheat
pixies here comes your man
wretchedlikeme i am the goat/hold on
paul weller the loved
wayne kramer snatched defeat
queens of the stone age god is in the radio
rah bras bitchin' fissure
the n.y. rel-x she's got a gun
girls against boys let it breath
meat puppets sweet ammonia
p.j. harvey big exit
oxes half half & half
ugly casanovas cat faces
the velvet teen naked girl
captain beefheart abba zaba
atom & his package head gone vertical
ben weasel truth and beauty
l7 diet pill
green velvet coitus

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