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monday's playlist: 7/22/02

guided by voices back to the lake
yume bitsu #1
twinemen harper & the midget
heros severum from foot to foot
bob mould hanging tree
deerhoof c
ugly casanovas parasites
amp 176 lost
aphrodite off limits
wayne kramer nelson algren stopped by
ass baboons of venus oh plimpton, not the donkey
danny & the nightmares the seance
null unit mechanical planning
butthole surfers day of the dying alive
sound by killing do the bop t bop
bis protection
koester vow
mirah y.t.z. don't go
my life with the thrill kill kult the untouchable class
midnight creeps love comes in spurts
human sexual response jackie onassis
the gloryholes hand of glory
death by chocolate cutout girl scout
stranglers golden brown
pixies subbacultcha
the party of helicopters the tundra
automaton malkovich movie
superdrag the staggering genius
lucid nation hallow
joy division atrocity exhibition
dame fate poison wings of a butterfly
poor rich ones twin
nashville pussy slow movin' train
jason lowenstein more drugs
midget jesus discotheque
steve earle my back pages
king of woolworths stalker song

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