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monday's playlist: 7/15/02

automaton safe bet
morcheeba what new york couples fight about
james brown if i ruled the world
serene wars & rumors of wars
funkadelic loose booty
tacoma ballet happy accident
badawi evocation
theatre of hate legion
david byrne nothing at all
the cherry valence sweat sweat sweat (all over you)
arto lindsay illuminated
willy alexander kerouac
original sinners who's laugin' now
peglegasus x-33
the cramps domino
jean paul sarte sex and love
b52's private idaho
myra melford trio the death of danny love
louis hayes/woody shaw contemplation
attaboy & burke nucleus without a cell
mc trachiotomy along the coast
mr. world the story of mr. world
sonic youth disconnection notice
ralph stanley girl from the greenbrier shore
the avalanches two hearts in ¾ time
renaldo & the loaf honest joes indian gets the goat on the way to the cowboys conga
the ass baboons of venus beautiful moments pulled from a hole
salem 66 primavera
calvin johnson warm days
blue orchids work
the decemberists a cautionary song
black flag my rules
nashville pussy beat me senseless
flaming lips in the morning of the magicians
atom & his package i'm downright amazed at what i can destroy with just a hammer
lene lovich cats away
bis don't let the rain come down

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