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monday's playlist: 7/08/02

the flaming lips yoshimi battles the pink robots, pt. 1
david sylvian/robert fripp 20th century dreaming
robert wyatt shipbuilding
death by chocolate art play
human league introducing
the party of helicopters slowdance
essential logic moontown
original sinners one too many lies
gogogoairheart my baby has a gang (sign our hearts)
teardrop explodes window shopping for a new crown of thorns
automaton song x
cowboys international fixation
capitol k capitol beat sticky
steve earle breed
stranglers strange little girl
guided by voices storm vibrations
lyres i really want you right now
ugly casanovas smoke like ribbons
english beat jackpot
geraldo pino heavy heavy heavy
captain beefheart light reflected off the oceands of the moon
fluv grrrl die catholic die, pt. 2
basement 5 traffic dub
jason lowenstein nyc III
rubber rodeo the hardest thing
the mountain goats the only thing i know
jetscreamer black hole
sonic youth sympathy for the strawberry
psychedelic furs pulse
superdrag baby goes to 11
meat puppets in a car
girls against boys 300 looks for the summer
heaven 17 temptation
ralph stanley look on & cry
yello smile on you
calvin johnson what was me
john cale honi soit
the breeders forced to drive
the clash armagideon time
the smarties i blow up
the fall the man whose head expanded

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