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monday's playlist: 7/01/02

cracker guarded by monkeys
the cure charlotte sometimes
automaton open up amnesia
moth i see sound
yardbirds heart full of soul
daniel johnston ain't no woman gonna make a george jones out of me
hugh gallagher evil clown
milky wimpshake too much too drunk
clinic come into our room
mustard plug away from here
devo mongoloid
girls against boys all the rage
xtc life begins at the hop
goldfinger decision
le tigre much finer
velvet underground oh! sweet nuthin'
sonic youth rain on tin
butthole surfers eindhoven chicken masque
volcano suns dot on the map
ben weasel the rays of the sun
pere ubu show walking daddy
cadillac blindside straight jacket weather
scratch u know the rulez
antipop consortium ghostlawn
vhs or beta heaven
my life with the thrill kill kult hour of zero
guided by voices car language
queens of the stone age better living through chemistry
gogogoairheart here comes attack
original sinners aluminum flavored honey
people like us ob & cha cha
sote electric dreams
raw intel life
modest mouse beach side property
dame fate stealing hearts
paul westerberg got you down
nashville pussy slow movin' train

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