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monday's playlist: 06/29/09
pterodactyl lawrence
hermit thrushes a good dream
dark knights of camelot luster lack
tereu tereu beyond the coast
the juan maclean the simple life
joan of arc the garden of cartoon exclamations
magik markers psychosomatic
upsilon acrux in-a-gadda-devito
boogie boarder pig pile part 2
eels the longing
bob mould spiraling down
ocote soul sounds & adrian quesada chamba y techo
meat puppets i'm not you
john doe & the sadies detroit city
iron & wine carried home
dinosaur jr. plans
dirty projectors stillness is the move
lloyd cole & the commotions charlotte street
pigface dulcimer
tortoise charteroak foundation
future of the left lapsed catholics
verbs world's a mess
illuminations i don't know what to tell you baby
pete yorn country
peggy sue the conservationist
animal collective summertime clothes
starlight mints coffins r us
10 foot ganga plant cool & collect
peter project man of his leisure

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big pile of bones

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