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monday's playlist: 06/22/09
tiny vipers tiger mountain
most serene republic patternicity
vaselines lovecraft
mika miko sex jazz
patty smith land
james chance contort yourself
tortoise gigantes
magic wands kiss me dead
deer tick smith hill
oakley hall no dreams
sonic youth massage the history
crystal method smile?
dinosaur jr. see you
bill tapia shiek of araby
shad i don't like to
mr. lif hatred
soul assassins world we're in cynic
eric dolphy iron man
duke ellington dear old southland
lester young blues in g
sande madera las poblanas
viento de agua sire sire
nicolas caballero/arial burgos cascada
zap mama harlem
meat puppets nursery rhyme
the builder & the butchers in the branches
chills pink frost
delta 5 mind your own business
iggy pop spanish coast
actors & actresses dig to china
jeremy enigk mind idea
dolly parton jesus & gravity

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big pile of bones

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