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monday's playlist: 06/15/09
dinosaur jr. said the people
iggy pop nice to be dead
sonic youth antenna
bob mould bad blood better
pigface work to come
slut closer
joan of arc flowers
tv on the radio playhouses
iron & wine call your boys
pearls before swine ballad to an amber lady
sarah jarosz fishcher store road
bob dylan life is hard
levon helm golden bird
meat puppets clone
deer tick easy
st. vincent actor out of work
yeah yeah yeahs zero
peaches mud
elizabeth & the catapults right next to you
the juan maclean accusations
dolly parton drive me crazy
tartufi fleet week/the corruption of incredible inv???
vampire weekend cape cod kwassa kwassa
liechtenstein postcard
dirty projectors temecula sunrise
mars volta since we've been wrong
clues elope
magik markers risperdahl
elvis costello red cotton
eels jezebel
depeche mode preparations
matt krefting comfort you
double dagger your way

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big pile of bones

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