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monday's playlist: 6/25/07
sonic youth the sprawl
brian jonestown massacre open heart surgery
the cure labrynth
beastie boys off the grid
santiago jimenez, jr. vive feliz
ween cold blows the wind
bad brains roll on
jennifer gentle come closer
queens of the stone age misfit love
sugar explode & makeup
big butter the star of tomato
albert ayler ghost
raybeats the backstroke
afrika gumbe o da bi kperkan sele
gene ammons & sonny stitt ugetsu
barbara lewis i remember the feeling
skatalites uluru rock
dj axel could you be kicked, pushed & loved
savath & savalas to halidad del mundo
lavern baker & jimmy ricks you're the boss
white stripes 300 m.p.h. torrential downpour blues
midtown dickens airplane
arthur & yu absurd heroes manifestos
porter wagoner committed to parkview
steve lacy/roswell rudd quartet bookioni
wayne toups & zydeco cajun fish out of water
raveonettes the great love sound
my life with the thrill kill kult cover girl blues
the leftovers run real fast
au shelter
nutley brass do you remember rock n' roll radio?
dub trio casting out the nines
d.o.a. the enemy
john doe the golden state
elvis presley bossa nova baby
residents teddy bear
sonic youth 'cross the breeze

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big pile of bones

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