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monday's playlist: 6/11/07
muddy waters, johnny winter, james cotton i done got over it
dub trio cool out and coexist
arthur & yu 1000 words
r.e.m. south central rain (i'm sorry)
frank zappa uncle remus
mudhoney i like to make noise and break things
pylon go
wooden hand we must also love the thieves
butthole surfers jingle of a dogs collar
silica-gel oddly bloodless
boris with michio kurihara you laughed like a water mark
grinderman grinderman
firewater some velvet morning
minutemen mr. robot's holy orders
aggrolites reconcile
the rattlers what keeps your heart beatin'?
guided by voices teenage fbi
d.o.a. woke up screaming
clifford brown the scene is clean
david murray in memory of jomo kenyatta
sufjan stevens free man in paris
dinosaur jr. it's me
bad brains leaving babylon
the clash somebody got murdered
cc sound factory crazy nasty
marvelettes please, mr. postman
talking heads take me to the river
hal singer loose riff
savath & savalas estancia en estampida
porter wagoner hotwired
flaming lips gingerale afternoon (the astrology of a saturday)
lucinda williams are you alright?
john doe the meanest man in the world
roky erickson can't be be brought down
brakesbrakesbrakes no return
bis burn the suit
bob wills & his texas playboys ida red

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big pile of bones

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