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monday's playlist: 6/04/07
john doe grain of salt
satellite party ultra-payloaded satellite party
the birthday party she's hit
white stripes icky thump
charlie parker bebop/birds nest
richard "groove" holmes (back home in) indiana
velvet undergound european son
lavender diamond dance until tomorrow
bikini kill for tammy rae
babble you kill me
b52's revolution earth
ray's vast basement ocean notes
the grip weeds loves lost on you
d.o.a. what'cha gonna do?
vocokesh eddie makes the scene
dinosaur jr. crumble
todd rundgren black maria
midnight creeps revolver mouth
newly dead cities in dust
television guiding light
james brown it's too funky in here
suleyman faye duchiman duchiyo
nina simone suzanne
porter wagoner albert erving
duke ellington afrobossa
chandler travis philharmonic i'm chandler's butterfly
black rebel motorcycle club windows
israel vibration african unification
calvin johnson & the sons of the soil cattle call, pt 1
dramatics get up and get down
little richard ooh! my soul
victoria spivey i'm a red hot mamma

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big pile of bones

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