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monday's playlist: 6/12/06
sonic youth turquoise boy
kim chee numbers
the foundry field recordings holidng the pilot/holding the facts
the mae shi the potential
cat power nude as the news
psapp hill at our home
x in this house call home
the konks king kong
captain beefheart abba zabba
frank black if your poison gets you
mission of burma 13
beat happening bewitched
echo & the bunnymen ripeness
cracker something you ain't got
new order blue monday
neil young let's impeach the president
mighty spoiler girls with glasses
gnarls barkley smile faces
violent femmes i held her in my arms
daniel johnston don't let the sun go down on your grievances
nick cave & the bad seeds your funeral my trial
elastica connection
radio 4 everythings in question
conner cold feelings
talking heads born under punches (the heat goes on)
black heart procession tangled
neutral milk hotel king of carrot flowers part one
elvis costello & allen toussaint on your way down
mr. lif take hold, fire
soft machine facelift
bob marley heathen
barbara lewis think a little sugar
jackie mclean our love is here to stay
malachi thompson mystic trumpet man
gito gito hustler puzzle
dirty on purpose no radio
leather pages accept me for who i am
joe glazer the mill was made of marble

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big pile of bones

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