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monday's playlist: 06/28/04

the bran flakes gonorrhea
the fall xracothep
read yellow model america
joy division new dawn fades
flesheaters radio dies screaming
happy flowers i'm gonna have an accident
beastie boys the brouhaha
skinny puppy daddywarbash
felix da housecat watching cars go by
twilight dub circus twilight meets tommy 2
sahara hot nights stupid tricks
pedro the lion start without me
pj harvey the life & death of mr. badmouth
swingin' utters mother of the mad
rockin' sidney work that coochie baby
miles davis what i say
the turtles it ain't me babe
friends of dean martinez ripcord
piebald all senses lost
lucia pamela why? because i want to
x home motel
au pairs headache (for michelle)
essential logic music is a better noise
auf der maur head unbound
the pink slips i'm never dating a rock musician again
bad religion boot stomping on a human face forever
sonic youth pattern recognition
soft machine all white
the replacements answering machine
hubert porter with george moxey & his calypso quintet monkey talk
sly & robbie kaballa rock
william shatner what is a bozo?
the mighty sparrow who she go cry for
john delafose ring around your head
slim harpo mailbox blues
johnny otis & his orchestra margie
merle haggard honky tonkin'
trini lopez kansas city
tom tom club happiness can't buy money

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big pile of bones

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