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monday's playlist: 06/21/04

ogden edsel kinko the clown
booker t. & the mg's good groove
lyle lovett i've been to memphis
billy bragg & wilco all you fascists
lou reed & john cale faces & names
serge gainsbourg w/ jane berkin je t'aime...moi non plus
jack mcduff mellow gravy
charles mingus my jelly roll soul
eric dolphy densities
pavement stereo
pj harvey the darker days of me & him
flaming lips hold your head
the beatles nowhere man
the residents the baby king part 1
thomas jefferson slave apartments can't kill stupids
yeah yeah yeahs maps
roy orbison in dreams (i walk with you)
claude francois eloise
lester bradley & friends crooked stovepipe
killing joke democracy
israel vibration tippy tippy toes
elvis presley all shook up
sammy vance & group guilty of love
the persuasions heavenly salvation
the clash broadway
bikini kill capri pants
motorhead the train kept a-rollin'
automaton meet my father, john wayne
psychedelic furs all this or nothing
fela kuti confusion break bones
the fall british people in hot weather
hitman sammy sam step daddy
david bowie it's no game (part 2)
peter gabriel kon takt!
francesco de gregori non dirle che non e'cosi
captain beefheart my head is my only home unless it rains
surf draculas fang ten
funkadelic hit it & quit it

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big pile of bones

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