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monday's playlist: 06/07/04

moldy peaches little bunny foo foo
public enemy bring the noices
the who 5:15
auf der maur i need i want i will
the martinis big three wheeler
piebald get old or die trying
jimi hendrix 1983...(a merman i should turn to be)
apes tapestry mastery
traffic dear mr. fantasy
the scotsmen beer bust blues
the cramps monkey with your tail
the victors midnight hour
urge overkill tequila sundae
the litter hey joe
captain beefheart i'm glad
the rapture open up your heart
nazz open my eyes
radiohead electioneering
eric dolphy straight up & down
archie shepp straight street
shaktar shulban demonstration of sygyt & kargyraa
lucinda williams you don't have very far to go
the meat purveyors take me back to tulsa
x los angeles
loretta lynn portland, oregon
renaldo & the loaf lime jelly grass
wanda jackson let's have a party
the clash the right profile
mission of burma wounded world
frank zappa cosmik debris
sonic youth paper cup exit
the impressions soulful love
boyskout girl on girl action
throwing muses pearl
kinison the farm & the girls
radio 4 our town
hope sandoval & the warm inventions clear day
the ponys 10 fingers and 11 toes
ren & stimpy dead end job
the ethiopians train to ska-ville

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big pile of bones

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