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monday's playlist: 5/22/06
johnny "guitar" watson i want to ta-ta you baby
neil young the restless consumer
avarus lapsivesi
astronautilis short term memory loss
radio 4 this is not a test
coachwhips we are in love
the every others a new inebriation
the walkmen good for you's good for me
daniel johnston never relaxed
dub trio not alone
grupo naidy dolores
rinocerose mes vacanes à rio
michael stipe l'hotel
brian eno/david byrne the carrier
the violent burning more
bouncing souls so jersey
whirlwind heat up-tight
alec k. redfearn & the eyesores litany
rose melberg take some time
morrissey the father who must be killed
demolition doll rods we will ride
mission of burma donna sumeria
the old haunts wasted day
yeah yeah yeahs phenomena
the paper chase wait until i get my hands on you
lack of knowledge radioactive man
romanhead bicycle work
camera obscura dory previn
asobi seksu strings
yoshida bros. passion
p.o.s. all along the watchtower
eleventh day dream dissolution

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big pile of bones

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