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monday's playlist: 5/27/02

grandaddy kim, you bore me to death
flipper sex bomb baby
southern culture on the skids carve that possum
stretch arm strong get this party started
the avengers be a cave man
jefferson airplane volunteers
young johnny watson space guitar
mc5 high school
citizen bird joy
ministry filth pig
ray & lindy big betty
johnny otis & his orchestra the mooche
cecil gant screwy boogie
gorillaz five four
sex pistols sub mission
ogden edsel kinko the clown
joy division warsaw
the breeders london song
the nutley brass honey i sure miss you
flogging molly the rare oulde times
bob mould sunset safety glass
barbara lewis hello stranger
albert king born under a bad sign
frank motley & jimmy crawford heavy weight baby
social distortion dear lover
the czars this
the jam that's entertainment
groove armada at the river
love-cars the food chain
the squires going all the way
l7 lorenza, giada, alessandra
peter murphy just for love
thomas mapfumo africa
shriekback hammerheads
the wailing wailers what's new pussycat
the selecter on my radio '91 (rad mix)
ll cool j rock the bells
hoot gibson mai givee (don't give it away)
blur she's so high
luna weird & woozy
giant sand king of the road
elvis costello radio silence

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