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monday's playlist: 5/20/02

james brown papa don't take no mess
anti-pop consortium ghost lawns
sly & the family stone loose booty
breeders sinister foxx
belle & sebastian i could be dreaming
hot hot heat 5 times out of 100
wipers alien boy
betty blowtorch size queen
the shelley winters project nice butt
wayne kramer down on the ground
public enemy rebel without a pause
enon in this city
knife in the water from the catbird seat
gang of 4 paralysed
pedro the lion options
new order everything's gone green
moby another woman
departure lounge king kong frown
girls against boys tweaker
camper van beethoven club med sucks
aloha they see rocks
butthole surfers intelligent guy
happy flowers mom, i gave the cat some acid
buddy guy & junior wells bad bad whiskey
jesus lizard glamorous
rock four president of me
modest mouse ohio
hole mrs. jones
juan maclean by the time i get to venus
curtis mayfield right on for darkness
fleshtones fascination
miles davis so what
pogues down all the days
bikini kill rebel girl

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