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monday's playlist: 5/06/02

echo & the bunnymen killing moon
slaughter & the dogs hard days night
pixies here comes your man
thomas jefferson slave apartments my mysterious death (turn it up)
jon spencer blues explosion killer wold
mistle thrush small
flogging molly death valley queen
the cramps (hot pool of) woman need
13th floor elevators you really got me
cave catt sammy firewater
hound dog taylor kitchen sink boogie
giant sand iron man
au pairs don't lie back
st. germain blvd. alabama blues
jackie wilson baby workout
oscar mclollie hot banana
h.p. lovecraft i've been wrong before
beat happening bewitched
pound sign i had a nightmare (and you were in it)
b52s give me back my man
mull historical society watching xanadu
crooked fingers under pressure
new grenada detroit rock sucks
lyres baby (i still need your lovin')
papa m beloved woman
tomahawk point & click
brave combo tick tock polka
talking heads the great curve
nina nastasia's blackened air this is what it is
ornette coleman tomorrow is the question
cannonball adderley alison's uncle
alber ayler love cry
antonio hart sticks
captain beefheart plastic factory
vyjaya anand naana maharaja
the avalanches frontier psychiatrist
big audio dynamite e=mc2
make up drop the needle
link wray fat back
suki love too dark to dream
shockabilly shockabilly weekend
short round the alcohol talking
meteors the napoleon solo
alice in chains bleed the freak
kristin hersh rock candy brains
ramones teenage lobotomy
pussy galore revolution summer
tom waits table top joe

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