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monday's playlist: 04/27/09
vaselines you think you're a man
camera obscura honey in the sun
wake the president wake
the gary damn machines
yeah yeah yeahs skeletons
skidmore fountain cloudless blue
akron family they will appear
coathangers 143
ape school rig together rip apart
savath & savalas la llama
an ensemble after rain
doom cell 2
los straitjackets cal-speed
zoe meda
brakesbrakesbrakes oh forever
fresh & onlys endless love
jeremy enigk just a state of mind
blake miller tomorrow sorrow
aeroplane pageant nobody gets hurt
bob mould wasted world
the horrors i only think of you
tartufi fear of tall giraffes, fear of some birds
caustic casanova mythical july
yonlu polyalphabetic cipher
an horse little lungs
royskop the girl & the robot
crocodiles i wanna kill
1990's the kids
tara jane o'neil dig in
bill callahan rococo zephyr
thunder power take a hike
joe pug hymn #101
eagle & talon the all best
king kahn & the shrines i see lights
little w.g. she's about a mover

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big pile of bones

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