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monday's playlist: 4/23/07
black rebel motorcycle club windows
patti smith are you experienced?
calvin johnson & sons of the soil booty run
the fall over over
the changing times she don't know
sage francis civil obedience
mavis staples down in mississippi
the cheers black denim trousers & motorcycle boots
grinderman (i don't need you to) set me free
excene cervenka do what i have to do
ko & the knockouts you did it
brakesbrakesbrakes spring chicken
throbbing gristle the worm waits its turn
ono w/ pet shop boys walking on thin ice
antelope flower/concentration
grails drawn curtains
dinosaur jr. pick me up
modest mouse march in the sea
lawrence arms fireflies
sister vanilla jamcolas
au revoir simone don't see the sorrow
xbxrx center where the sight
call sound call noise monochrome knows its boundaries
the vocokesh once more near the beginning
lesbians on ecstasy alone in madness
blonde redhead dr. strangeluv
cocorosie werewolf
midnight creeps bar abyss
low murderer
neil young ohio
ludacris slap
nine inch nails vessel
the blow hey boy
the ants de la mancha
!!! heart of hearts
toby foyeh & orchestra africa night walking

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big pile of bones

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