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monday's playlist: 4/24/06
frank zappa/captain beefheart advance romance
brian eno/david byrne moonlight in glory
spank rock touch me
the streets can't con an honest john
the four tops it's the same old song
the high rollers aardvark walk
the beatles birthday
southern culture on the skids ditch digging
dfa dance to the underground (radio 4)
jimi hendrix house burning down
pretty girls make graves the nocturnal house
the jam that's entertainment
rainer maria southpaw
the egyptians land of 1000 dances
patti smith dream of life
throwing muses no way in hell
dirty three sue's last ride
meat puppets our friends
natacha atlas ghanwe bossanova
the dagons it flies out
steve lacy double sextet torments
dexter gordon the panther
the libertines radio america
brian jonestown massacre super sonic
lambchop two kittens don't make a puppy
sunset rubdown i'm sorry i saw your hands that have been in the grave
the fiery furnaces whistle rhapsody
morrissey i'll never be anybody's hero
slavic soul party dance the dust up
julian curwin march of the big shoe
elf power peel back the moon, beware!
black tie dynasty ten steps
scruffy the cat buy a car
interpol obstacle 1
nervous exits #5

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big pile of bones

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