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monday's playlist: 4/10/06
albert camus the plague
slavic soul party missy sa sa
clap your hands say yeah! let the cool goddess rust away
butthole surfers dust devil
roy orbison in dreams (i walk with you)
morrissey life is a pig sty
blur tender
massive attack live with me
ghost buffalo cross text
björk violently happy
flaming lips the yeah yeah yeah song
yoko ono walking on thin ice
elf power an old familiar scene
the dagons in gingham
concretes postpone it
nervous exits anabel
exene cervenka ghost on the highway
rainer maria burn
the ropes not technically alone
velvet teen spin the wink
dfa deceptacon
tanakh drink to sher
black tie dynasty midnight sun
cribs modern way
people in planes if you talk too much my head will explode
mia doi todd what if we do
nina simone it be's that way sometime
garrison starr big enough
they shoot horses don't they concussion
battleship parasite
pretty girls make graves bullet charm
once 11 trinidad & tobacco
rob zombie ride

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big pile of bones

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