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monday's playlist: 04/26/04

david bowie boys keep swinging
demolition doll rods thump
the butchies trouble
babes in toyland hello
john wilkes booze see through sound
david byrne empire
modest mouse bury me with it
mecca normal is this you?
p.j. harvey oh my lover
sexpod herione
black box recorder child psychology
calexico convict pool
rainer maria save my skin
mindflayer wolfs & whales
múm the ghosts you draw on my back
kristin hersh srb
jesus & the devil virgin cheerleader brainwash
patti smith gone pie
social distortion it's the law
sleater-kinney burn don't freeze
buff medways pink 14
ramones rockaway beach
nirvana dive
paul weller one x one
stephen malkmus & the jicks 1% of one
teargas & plateglass tao of hex
old time relijun cold water
camper van beethoven pictures of matchstick men
mission of burma into the fire
the swinging blue jeans hippy hippy shake
the kallikak family hands clenched
von bondies poison ivy
a wilhelm scream stab, stab, stab
the shins caring is creepy
killdozer porky's dad
pere ubu come home
interpol stella was a diver and she was always down
international noise conspiracy born into a mess

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big pile of bones

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