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monday's playlist: 04/12/04

modest mouse the good times are killing me
jesus & the devil bring out the guns
echo & the bunnymen back of love
john wilkes booze yoko saved rock and roll
levinhurst behind me
bikini kill thurston hearts the who
captain beefheart big eyed beans from venus
funkadelic maggot brain
gorillaz rock the house
leo graham want a wine
modest mouse dance hall
serge gainsbourg planteur punch
mindflayer 5 minutes of sporadic beats
the stooges dirt
gang of 4 cheeseburger
trans am white rhino
t. raumschmiere monster truck driver
13th floor elevators dust
the brain train me
jerry hawkins cha cha chu
the moving sidewalks i want to hold your hand
sultans shut up go down
modest mouse bury me with it
firewater i am the rain
olivia tremor control black foliage
tortoise the lithium stiffs
charles mingus tensions
oneiros keeping time
glen branca don't let me stop you
sonic youth inhuman
leonard cohen tower of song
arthur prysock baby (you've got what it takes)
mali music spoons
kramer the secret of philosophy
blonde redhead elephant woman
belle & sebastian dear catastrophe waitress
stephen malkmus & the jicks water and a seat
modest mouse bukowski

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big pile of bones

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