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monday's playlist: 4/22/02

fyp come home smelly
little richard she knows how to rock
mahavishnu orchestra noonward race
the cure seventeen seconds
duke mitchell the lion
the mooney suzuki it's not easy
dick van dyke wives & lovers
the white stripes jolene
tina turner ball of confusion
melvins the fool, the meddling idiot
gary glitter suspicious minds
firehose losers, boozers & heroes
lightning bolt murk hike
jon spencer blues explosion down in the beast
lloyd price baby don't turn your back on me
glenn gregory perfect day
b.b. king dust my broom
jivaro jivarodelic sounds
fast forward sapless
bob dylan dirge
snakefinger yeti what are you
marianne faithful broken english
the no-no's psychic twin
hal singer beef stew
clyde mcphatter & the drifters money honey
the atari star black licorice & gasoline fumes
stereo total ma radio
black sonny day & sobriety
billy mckenzie the secret life of arabia
wayne kramer god's worst nightmare
jerry harrison world's in collision
richard hell love comes in spurts
grandaddy why would i want to die
a certain ratio loosen up your mind
ape has killed ape smoke blowin monkey
rinocerose dead can dance
television the dreams dream
microwaves $90 babies

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