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monday's playlist: 4/15/02

frank zappa the ocean is the ultimate solution
otis spann five spot
jon spencer blues explosion shakin rock'n roll tonight
bo diddley mess around
jimi hendrix one rainy wish
r.b. greaves take a letter maria
neil michael hagerty some people are crazy
fly pan am erreur, errance, interdits de par leurs nouvelles possibilites
king curtis memphis soul stew
the living end empty heart
comet gain labour
my life with the thrill kill kult and this is what the devil does
the no-no's love is only sleeping
imperial teen my spy
modest mouse trailer trash
drazy hoops the moon lies
cat power nude as the news
wonder lick love will tear us apart
new order all day long
joe lutcher rag mop
jay munly haggie hennies almost dirty dress
the clash revolution rock
nappy brown don't be angry
jody williams lucky lou
nick cave as i sat sadly by her side
minutemen gravity
wayne kramer crack in the universe
tami hart head in the clouds
velvet underground venus in furs
billy bragg and the blokes npwa
max frost & the troopers shape of things to come
david bowie ashes to ashes
mighty sparrow capitalism gone mad
luke slater searchin for a dream
q and not u ten thousand animal calls
against me scream until you're coughing up blood
bob mould whichever way the wind blows
motorhead snake bite love
hot hot heat le le low

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